What is hot & What is not

So have you ever been out to the club and you feel like your surrounded by stunning, hot, sexy women or men? It sets the mode for the rest of the night you could say and when everyone around you is stunning its hard to not have a great time! A lot of people stay single for the rest of their lives hopping that they would be able to go out and party every night, take home every women they see, and then next week do it again; and you can but, there are some rules to follow. When you go out no matter if with friends, yourself, or whomever you can always have a great time dance, party, head bang or what ever but when you start trying to take different women home every night well, thats when your starting to become more of a creep and less of a “Rockstar”. Its my opinion that it is better to have one thousand friends half of them women and be liked, than to have a dozen friends and take different women home with you every night. It goes with the saying would you like to meet people have a one night stand and never see them again, or, would you rather meet people and see them every day? The answer for me is simple i would rather meet people and keep them as friends rather then taking home different women because those women aren’t going to be your partner in crime, your party like a “rockstar” buddy or pick up the phone when your having one of those lonely night deals. I guess that brings up the ever so technical question and concern that a lot of men think about on a daily basis and thats; if you have a lot of women friends and you start to find yourself crossing the friends thresh hold and moving on to the areas that are suppose to be out of bounds as a friend. People find that sleeping with your friends would make things awkward and therefor messing up your friend ship, but is there a way to not complicate things?, is there a way to satisfy one another in lonely situations?, and would that complicate things? Some people think that once you sleep with your friends that it opens up more problems and doesn’t add up in the long run, ok so sure I’m not telling you to have “sex” with your friends and then marry them by any means. I am telling you that there is a chance that you would be able to have “sex” with your friend and keep them as a friend. I think a lot of problems people experience is that when they have “sex” with their friends they don’t look at them as a friend any longer, they start to treat them like a girlfriend, or just some chick at that point and thats where things start to fall apart. If you find yourself having “sex” with your friends don’t treat them any different than you have ever treated them, treat them like a friend just one with benefits some good, some bad, but in your case more good than bad. I mean what guy out there doesn’t want a hot best friend to have late night booty calls and then the next day they go out and party with you and they don’t care if you pick up a chick or not. Ok, Ok, i know what your thinking “Thats being a PlayBoy” not a friend, Wrong; its not being a playboy because your going to be completely honest and upfront about everything, you are not going to be playing anyone, i mean how straight forward can you be?

Women have different morals than men have, or do they?, studies show that there are a lot of women out there that want the same thing that men want, a “one night stand”. Some women don’t want to be bothered with all the nonsense and i find that more older women between 35-50 are down with more one night stands than women 18-35. The benefits of having a lot of friends over choosing a different women every night is only to your advantage and will be best for all parties involved. Just remember to not be a creep be a “rockstar”. But remember there is a thin line between not enough and too much. “Dont chase the rabbit to get the tail” wait patiently and when the rabbit comes back by snatch it up before it knows what hit it, if you do it right than the rabbit will come back, do it wrong and it may never come back, but thats a whole nother topic.

Pictures of hot friends at club “Rain”cleavage1


Rockstar Status

“As a rock star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world. I have a chance to do both.”(Bono).

Ever wanted to go out and be treated like a rockstar and never knew how to do it? Well you’ve come to the right place to learn how to bring out your inner “Rockstarist”…. The New York Times state that its not about where you go its more about who your with; many people have friends but are they the right friends for you?, Maybe not, Maybe so, Maybe you don’t know. Here are some questions we asked random people to see if they had the right friends to go out and party with. 75% of the people we talked to were in a city where they do a lot of going out on Friday & Saturday Nights. We ask; Have you been out with friends before who drink to much and then start acting out erratically, irresponsibly, and irrationally. More than 75% of the people we asked said; YES. We also asked; if you had been out with your friends before and wanted to leave the party early complaining about work, getting home, or saying they had better things to do. More than 56% of the people said; YES. We also asked; Have you ever been out with friends and rode along with them or caught a cab together and discovered that they left you by yourself in the club. More than 42% said; YES. All questions were asked on a random basis, no one was paid, influenced, or bribed to answer a certain way, there was no right or wrong answer.

People who love to party live for the “Life of the party” and love to be “the center of attention” and sometimes it doesn’t work exactly how you planned it working. So are your friends the problem or, are you the problem? A study given by the University of Harvard stats that more than 43% of the people who go out and party together have nothing in common; drinks that they drink are not the same, clothes they wear are not the same styles, and there motives can be different also. Some women that go to clubs go looking for the same things that guys look for “SEX” and then their friends that go with them are not looking for sex; says mike from UCLA. Women have different motives and just because one women goes looking to be a “Rock Star” doesn’t mean the friend she is with is also a “Rock Star” Be yourself no matter who you are with are where you are going and you will always be the life of the party; the “rockstar” you were meant to be. Lets face it everyone of us has a little “Rockstar” in us and it comes out from time to time. People who live to serve others in a sense, love to stay on the latest trends to keep their friends drawn into them, if you were the same old person, kept the same old clothes, and did the same old things who would want to be your friend? The key to bringing the “Rockstar” out is switching things up, doing stuff differently than others, and getting the party started. 

Going out to different clubs and choosing which is going to be the best vibe for you can be tricky and hard especially when there is more than 20 or 30 clubs around your area depending on where it is you live. I know in California you have a lot of different style clubs, you might have latin, techno, and blues. Picking the right club to where your going to feel the most comfortable is also going to be the club where you are going to stand out a lot; the more comfortable you are the more its going to show, the more it shows the more your inner “Rockstar” is going to come out, Yeah Baby thats right “Rockstar” Status in full Effect!  

Before going out to the club get on the same page as your friends ask them questions and have a agreement on how long your going out for, who all is coming, and how many drinks you are going to have, you don’t want to go out and get wasted then instead of looking like a “Rockstar” your going to look like a FOOL, and thats not what you want i call that “Snookie” Status. Then also agree on if your going there to dance, pick up guys or girls, and if you do meet someone cool are you going to bring them home, and if so where my home or your friends. My own personal opinion would be to not bring home any first nighters or stragglers its not cool, they could be dangerous, and or still everything in your apartment, plus the more you make someone wait the less they know about you, the less they know about you the more interested they become. It all goes back to that “You can’t touch this” scenario and you know that if there is something out there a girl or guy wants and if they can’t have it they will do everything in their power to try and get it, so play it good keep them with in walking distance, and carry on, Dont rush it. Eventually once you are seen at a night club on multiple occasion than you can broaden your horizons and go out and meet new people, again don’t blow what you have been working on for the past few weeks which is your “Rockstar Status”. Once you meet knew people ask them more about there self instead of icing them the chance to ask you all the questions. If you beat them to the questions they will have the option to answer them first, them answering questions first gives you the option to A. Lie and sound interested or B. Listen to them and agree with what ever it is their saying either way it works to your advantage. 

Now your ready to move to the final phase; after meeting new people and getting everyones interest and them now focusing on you, go out and grab you girlfriend and dance the night away. A man loves a women that can dance and has moves, a women loves a guy that carries himself high and get out on the dance floor with his boys moving to the beat, don’t go out there acting fool just find a nice mellow two step with one or two moves and keep it there. Remember your in a dark night club where everyone is drunk or on a mission of getting drunk, the more you keep everything simple and don’t get as wasted as them, then you will always have the upper hand. 

So there you have it; always mix things up, keep people guessing, don’t rush things, and keep them simple. You will be a rockstar in no time.